Gigabit Fiber Server Card
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Reliable Fiber Connection
This card allows you to establish a secure fiber link for your server. The card serves well in high electro-magnetic interference environments, providing a multi-mode fiber cable distance of up to 550m to the

High Performance
The card uses  the Bus Master  mode to transfer  data directly to/from the host at multi-megabits per second, bypass the host CPU to alleviate its workload. Running at 2000Mbps  full duplex, it  provides the ideal  speed for very fast server access from workstations.

Flow Control to Minimize Packet Los
The card's embedded IEEE 802.3x Flow Control allows the server  to directly connect  to a Fast  Ethernet switch for fast full-duplex, reliable data transfer.  The  card senses when the switch buffer is full,  it pauses transmission to prevent  buffer over-write to minimize loss of data when transferred over the network.

VLAN to Improve Performance and Security
The card provides  on-board screening of  VLANs Tagged Ethernet frames, allowing your server to be configured with a VLAN-supported switch. Consequently,  your server can be part of  a VLAN
network, where domains  are segmented up to enhance performance and security.

On-board IP header and IP checksum
IP header  and IP checksum of IP network packets are done by the chipset. In Internet,  Windows and Unix environments, this serves  well by offloading the host's  overheads to enhance the network performance.


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