PS2/USB 16 Port Combo KVM Switch
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The D-Link PS2/USB 16 Port Combo KVM Switch is a high-end local remote management solution which allows you to control up to 4096 PCs from a single console.
Versatile Management
Toggle between clients using the front panel buttons, keyboard hotkeys, or On-screen Display (OSD) menu. The on-screen menu allows you to label each channel with a descriptive name, providing clear and easy navigation. A convenient Auto-Scan function allows you to automatically toggle between multiple computers sequentially at preset intervals. The front panel LEDs assist with workstation/server status monitoring. Green LEDs indicate that systems are online, while separate red LEDs indicate when a particular system has been selected for management via console.
Convenient Installation
The sturdy metal chassis is mountable in a standard 19-inch rack. Daisy chain multiple KVM switches together up to three levels deep; cascaded units require no special configuration and automatically configure themselves as master or slave. Target workstations can be connected via keyboard/mouse or PS/2 using a custom combo cable. A PS/2 or USB keyboard is emulated on each terminal allowing all attached computers to successfully boot without keyboard errors. Hot-pluggable connections allow you to add devices to or remove them from the KVM switch without the need to shut it down.
Standard package contents include four 1.8 m cables.
KVM-401 (1.8 m), KVM-402 (3 m), KVM-403 (5 m) cables are optionally available.


Number of Computers Controlled
• 16
• Online (connected PC - green)
• Selected (selected PC - red)
• Port switching
• Metal, 19-inch rack mountable
Ports for connecting management console
• Monitor (local): VGA
• Keyboard (local): PS/2 (purple) and/or USB Type-A
• Mouse (local): PS/2 (green) and/or USB Type-A
Ports for connecting PC
• 16 VGA ports
KVM cable connectors for connecting PC
• Monitor: VGA
• Keyboard: PS/2 (purple) and/or USB Type-A
• Mouse: PS/2 (green) and/or USB Type-A
Autoscan mode
• Yes
Scan intervals
• Specified through OSD menu
Sound notification of switching
• Yes
Switching between PCs
• Switching buttons on the front panel
• Hot keys
• OSD menu
• Supports cascade architecture up to third level
• Keyboard emulation prevents download errors
• Supports hot-plugging
Max. resolution
• 2048x1536
Physical Parameters
• By external power adapter (5 V DC / 2 A)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
• 44 x 15.7 x 4.5 cm
• 1900 g
Operating Temperature
• 0 to 40°C
• 10% to 90% Relative Humidity
Compatible KVM cables
• KVM-401
• KVM-402
• KVM-403

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KVM-450  PS2/USB 16 Port Combo KVM Switch




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