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Wireless 802.11n USB-adapter with high gain
Wireless USB-Adapter DWA-137 allows you to connect your computer to a high-speed wireless networks and provides excellent reception. When the connection is established, you can access high speed Internet connection and start viewing Web-pages, streaming video and music, as well as play online games and share common access to the content for friends.
High performance
Adapter DWA-137 delivers high performance wireless connectivity for your computer. Users can easily add a network adapter, and view Web-page, to provide shared access to files and printers, and chatting. High speed wireless connectivity extends the use of the Internet, ensuring efficient services, bandwidth intensive, such as IP-telephony, online gaming, and video streaming.
Extended range
Adapter DWA-137 provides the ability to use wireless connectivity in remote places. Antenna with high gain, which is equipped with an adapter, improves the quality of signal reception. Therefore, using DWA-137 can connect to a wireless network at greater distances from the router or access point, than a conventional wireless adapter. The possibility of rotation of the antenna allows to eliminate low-band signal and improve reception quality by means of precise adjustment of the antenna in space. Maximize wireless performance by connecting to a wireless router 802.11n, and use a network connection anywhere in your home. 
Easy to install and use
Setup Wizard D-Link makes it easy to install USB-adapter. Technology Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) provides a secure wireless connection, without requiring the user complicated settings. With this technology does not require complicated set manually encryption codes; just click the button to connect the device to the network and configure security. Backward compatible with the 802.11g standard can be used in wireless networks with outdated equipment.
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